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We offer a full computer science curriculum for students ages 5-18. Our youngest students start with our AI Jr and Scratch courses. These courses use block-based programming to develop their fundamental programming concepts and problem-solving skills.

Our core curriculum covers the programming languages Python, with additional coding courses offered in web programming and app development (HTML, CSS, and Javascript). Through three levels of Python courses, we cover up to college-level topics in algorithms and data structures. Each course typically takes 12 classes to complete (four 60-minute classes per month). Certificate will be given for each course after its completion.  

Our most advanced students progress to our International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) Training Program for competitive programming against students around the region.

AI course sequence

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AI Academy Jr

AI Jr provides a fun introduction to programming for our youngest students. In AI Jr, students learn about logic, sequencing, loops, and events. They also practice fundamental skills like basic algebra, reading, and public speaking. Together, we build games, solve puzzles, and design art.

Python Level 1: Graphics Superstar

In this course, students learn Python basics with the Turtle programming library, with an emphasis on programatically generating graphic art. This course dives into Python fundamentals: loops, variables, functions, conditional statements, and event listeners.

By the end of this course, students have built complex computer-generated art and games in Python, and are ready to advanced to Python Level 2.

AI Level 1: AI Superstar

In this course, students learn the basic concept of machine learning with Scratch, such as image recognition, text classification, speech recognition. Together we will build AI game, chat bot. 

After completing this course, students are able to understand the technology behind artificial intelligence, design and program their own AI Applications in Scratch.

IOI Training Program

Students in our IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics) Training Program participate in the annual competition. This program focuses on training students to work through complex problems and developing their problem-solving skills. We also teach more advanced algorithms and techniques as required.

This program is by invitation only. Please contact us for more information.

Scratch Level 1: Game Superstar

In this course, we introduce computer science fundamentals using Scratch's block-based programming environment. This course focuses on event listeners, loops, conditional statements, user input, Cartesian coordinates, variables, and message broadcasting. 

After completing this course, students are able to design and program their own games in Scratch and are ready to Scratch Level 2.

Python Level 2: Problem Solver

In this course, students dive deeper into Python fundamentals with loops, variables, conditional statements, and functions, while also introducing more advanced topics such as lists, sets, dictionaries, and error checking. Students practice integrating these concepts in building a series of complex projects.

This course also exposes students to several real-life applications for programming, including in music, ciphers, and predictive algorithms.

AI Level 2: Machine Learning Junior

In this course, students learn Machine Learning fundamentals with linear regression, logistic regression while also introducing more advanced topics such as support vector machine and neural network. Students practice integrating these concepts in building a series of complex projects.

It is highly recommended that students complete our Python Level 1 and/or Python Level 2 courses before enrolling in AI Level 2.

IB/AP/A-Level Computer Science

This course guides students through learning python, with an emphasis on object-oriented programming. Students build a variety of complex projects while learning about objects, classes, scope, and inheritance. This course also covers basic searching and sorting algorithms in Python. 

This course prepares students for the IB/ AP/ A-Level exam, which is administered in May of each year.

Scratch Level 2: Game Master

This course is for students who have completed Scratch Level 1 or equivalent. In this course, we expand upon the concepts introduced in Scratch Level 1 and introduce more advanced ideas, including nested loops, complex conditionals, cloning, string and mathematical operators, lists, and functions. 

After completing this course, students have full mastery or the Scratch environment and are ready to advance to Python Level 1.

Python Level 3: Data & Algorithms Master

This course briefly reviews Python fundamentals and focuses on advanced topics in Python: recursion, searching and sorting algorithms, big-O notation and data science. The master project for this course involves using Python to ingest, analyse, and create graphs about a data set involving a topic of choice. 

AI Level 3: AI Application

This course briefly reviews Machine Learning fundamentals and focuses on using python library Tensorflow to build machine learning application such as facial recognition, object detection. 

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