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What is Python?

a programming language particularly good for beginners who want to learn how to code

Why you should learn Python?
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Hard skills enhancement:

English Writing

Python does help for students’ English academic performance as it will help students develop a more concise and structured approach to storytelling with the English language.

Soft skills enhancement: critical thinking & problem-solving skills

Students can develop problem-solving skills in a fun and challenging learning process as Python can lead them to apply simple and efficient solutions by exercising their critical thinking.   

Hard skills enhancement: Mathematics

Python will also help students with mathematics as coding lets students visualise more abstract concepts in a fun format that lets them apply mathematics to real-life problems.

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What will the course cover?

We will teach core programming concepts in python:

- Data types

- Input/output

- Intro to programming libraries

- Conditional Statements

- Iterative statements

- Advanced data type/Structures (e.g Lists/array)

- Functional programming

- File IO

- Basic Object-oriented programming in python

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