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What is Pygame?

It is based on Python and the most popular language for introductory computer courses

Why you should learn Pygame?
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Stimulating creativity

Students will be able to flex their creative muscles by scratching, writing code and creating their own programs. It is great for writing out ideas in one long block of code. They will start off with a single file and with a single block of code. 

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Great for learning

This approach to learning works. By learning the syntax of a language like Python prior to learning about functions, students will gain basic programming knowledge before using global and local scope.

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What will the course cover?

We will teach some programming concepts in python (less emphasis) and will focus on pygame library:

- Data types, Input/output, Intro to programming libraries

- Conditional Statements, Iterative statements

- Advanced data type/Structures (e.g Lists/array)

- Functional programming and Object-oriented programming

- Creating & customizing game window and game objects

- Programming movement to game objects

- Adding control to game objects

- Create interaction between game objects

- Saving and Loading Game data

- Work on individual pygame projects.

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