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An innovator makes the world better

AI Academy takes its initiatives of leading people into an innovative era so that our community can keep abreast of the latest trend

Who are We?

AI Academy provides advanced technology solutions and education for company and school. We create ideas, deliver solutions with insights for enterprises to strengthen their productivity. Students leave the program with confidence in pursuing artificial intelligence and computer science and knowledge of how to build chatbot, videogames, apps, and websites. We carried out missions of innovating and stretching the potential of our future AI leaders.

Technology Features

Artificial Intelligence

Cutting-Edge AI technology incubated exclusive self-developed software to entitle your business getting benefits from digital power

Block Chain

Explore how to connect your business with blockchain networks, we provide blockchain technology integration, and buildup new applications leveraging blockchain

Customized Application Development

Designing tailor-made systems and architectures to facilitate performance and boost cost-effectiveness

Learning Management System

We provide Big Data insights to help you drive contextual, personalized customer engagement in real time across any channel or line of business. 

AI Talent Development

With knowledge of AI, you can become more competitive in the job market as firms are shifting their operation structure into a tech-driven mode.

AI For Corporate

Traditional business is facing challenges with the fast changing tech-oriented world.  In order not to lag behind the market and advance your business, it is  necessary for enterprises to learn and make use of AI technology. 

AI For Children

Technology is absolutely the trend in an increasingly digitalized era. Having a good  start by learning AI at a young age is going to be at a real advantage as students grow older should they wish to pursue a career in technology.

AI For Students

Grasping basic AI knowledge is important for students’ future careers as AI application is getting popular in many industries such as finance, education and healthcare . Learning AI  can equip students with the necessary hard and soft skills that come with whatever  position in the workplace. 

AI For Everyone