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The right knowledge can be synonymous with a future-proof career

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

With knowledge in Computer Science (CS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), you increase your chances of finding a satisfying job with good prospects and attractive compensation. This could be a great advantage in the job market where the level of competition is even higher than in school.

While many of the traditional industries experience competition at a high level, technological development creates many new job opportunities for the ones with the right expertise. Knowledge in CS and AI opens up a job market with a very high demand for labour and some of the highest paying jobs overall. This global trend gives experts in these sectors the freedom to choose the location of their job and high bargaining power towards the employer.

How is this trend observable in the job markets? Let’s take a look at some numbers in three different markets.

CS Job Market in Hong Kong

One sector that stands out in Hong Kong’s job market is the CS sector. It has the highest demand for jobs in the city. While the average salary overall in Hong Kong is HK$203,000 per annum, the same number for software engineers is HK$326,000 per annum. This ranks it amongst some of the highest paying jobs in the city. Choosing the right sector to work in can lead to more than 60% higher salary than the average worker in Hong Kong!

CS Job Market in the United States

In the United States, the median salary is US$47,060 per year. Just as the Hong Kong market, the United States’ market is experiencing a high demand for labour in the sector of CS and AI. The employers' difficulties with recruiting people with expertise in AI has led to an average salary of US$160,000 per year for AI scientists.

CS Job Market in Europe

The demand for experts in CS and AI could be observed in the European job market as well. For example, Software Developers and Programmers are amongst the most wanted in the market, which could be perceived in the salary statistics. The average salaries in these sectors are more than 40% higher than the overall average in both Germany and the United Kingdom.


To summarise, the high demand for experts in the fields of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence is a noticeable global trend. In our constantly evolving digital world, the importance of knowledge in these fields is growing. This leads to great job opportunities and an advantageous negotiation position for the job seeker. To know that you will find a job easily after you finish university is a true privilege. Planning your path as early as possible can be synonymous with a future-proof career!

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