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Why My Children Need To Learn A.I.?

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

When we discuss the most advanced technology today, what comes to your mind right the way? Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most popular terms. In fact, it has already been applying across industries, integrating our lives and work. Undoubtedly, it will change future lives and careers. We have introduced “What is AI” on our website. 

Hong Kong Students Lack Of The Sufficient Background

And yet, many people, including Hong Kong youngsters, do not know much about AI. Hong Kong education system believes that school students are way too young to study AI, something that even some professionals can barely grasp. They lack sufficient background knowledge and experience. 

This may be true. Coding is too complicated. Mathematics equations and symbols are too confusing. All the theories are too advanced. These things sound intimidating to school kids. However, the concepts of AI are not. Thus, AI Academy believes everyone can learn AI. More importantly, everyone should learn AI, no matter he or she is dedicated to being an AI profession or not. 

A.I. Is The Future

Speaking of learning AI, many researchers expect AI to outsmart humans at most of the tasks and jobs within decades. thousands of job will be rendered obsolete. Meanwhile, millions of AI-related job will also be created. Thus, how to get empowered, not overpowered, by AI is an urgent question. The best and obvious solution is by studying it.  

An Early Edge For Your Children

Studying AI opens a world of opportunities. At a basic level, you will better understand the tools and systems that you interact with day-to-day. For instance, we have self-driving cars and autopilot in transportation industry, chatbot in online customer support, smart home devices, etc. What AI is capable now blows your minds and it keeps growing and evolving. 

Thus, studying AI at an early stage can prepare adolescents for jobs as software engineers in industry working for companies like Amazon to shopping list recommendation engines or Google analyzing and processing big data for its search engine. Or they could work as researchers studying Neuromorphic Computing, Algorithmic Game Theory and Computational Mechanism Design, and quantum artificial intelligence. You could also work as hardware engineers developing human-alike robots or electronic parking assistants. In the field of artificial intelligence, the possibilities are truly limitless. And if you stick with the subject and study more, you can help create cutting edge AI applications. 

What If Your Child Is Not Interested In A.I. Technology

Some people may ask, “What if I do not want to be an AI specialist? “. Well, instead of just studying the AI-related knowledge, the logic behind is more crucial. Through exploring AI, we can also develop soft skills, including critical and creative thinking, problem-solving skills, communication and innovative mindset. These help people in any industry. Moreover, considering these essential skills, humans are less likely to be replaced by AI. 


To sum up, our lives have been closely bonded with AI inevitably, worrying some people. However, instead look at the rise of AI as a challenge, it can also be an opportunity to redefine our world. In doing so, we will better prepare every pupil for the changing demands of a digital era. Stop hesitating and join us to explore the exciting world of AI now. 

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