About AI Academy

How is AI Academy different from other firms?

Double-pronged: Able to Do; Able to Teach

A sophisticated technology firm should be able to both exercise its skills and pass on the knowledge to our next generation. AI Academy does not only provide education to build our future technology pillars, we also seek to make use of our expertise to help businesses tackle any tech-related issues.


Classes for students or services for business firms are provided to meet your needs and suitability. A free one-on-one consultation service will also be offered upon completion of registration.


As for classes, all of them are billed on a monthly basis. You may pause or cancel your students' classes at any time with no additional fees. All classes are conducted online, so students can enjoy the classes without time and space restrictions.

What does your expertise come from?

Elite Task Force

Team members in our elite force come from top-tier universities including HKU, CUHK and HKUST. All of them have completed a technology-related degree and specialize in computer science, engineering and information management.

Experienced Advisors

Apart from the professional expertise from our team, AI Academy also seeks support from experienced advisors including professors from HKU and CityU as well as the Executive Director from MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node.

About Our Courses (for Schools/Parents)

What kind of coding classes does AI Academy offer? Private or Group?

We believe that the best results are achieved when the student receives personalized attention, so all of our classes are either one-on-one or in small groups of up to 2 students.

Does AI Academy offer in-person classes?

All of our coding courses are conducted online because we believe that high-quality learning can happen anywhere. Flexibility of location and scheduling of our courses is one of the best parts of AI Academy.

How long do kids need to complete the course?

Each course typically takes 12 classes (4 classes per month) to complete. This depends on the student's dedication, their previous experience, and the difficulty of course material.

Which course should be the most suitable one for my kid?

You can schedule a free course consultation with us by emailing henry@ai-academy.hk or contacting +852 69593979 where we will consider the background and age of your kid, as well as the desired outcomes to help point your kid in the right direction.

Is there any certificate my kid can get after the course?

Certificate will be given for each course after its completion.

How much do the classes cost?

We have multiple program options, which are detailed here.

Do I need to pay for the software used in the class?

In most cases, the software used within the duration of a course is included in tuition. If there are exceptions to this, you will be notified of your options prior to the course start date.

How to reschedule the class?

Contact henry@ai-academy.hk with updated availability if there is any changes in schedule. Please note that in this situation, we cannot guarantee that your kid will remain with the same primary instructor.

What is the rescheduling policy?

Please notice us either by email or phone 48 hours prior to the class. If a class is not rescheduled in time, it is considered missed and will not be rescheduled or refunded. We do make exceptions to this policy in case of family emergencies or illness.

關於AI Academy

AI Academy與其他公司有何不同?


我們認為一家先進的科技公司應該既能發揮自己的專長,又能將知識傳給下一代。AI Academy不僅利用我們的專業知識來幫助企業解決任何與科技相關的問題,而且還提供教育以培訓我們未來的科技人才。


AI Academy 為學生提供適合的課程和為公司提供科技解決方案,以切合不同學生或公司的需要。完成註冊後,我們還為你提供免費的一對一諮詢服務。







除了我們團隊的專業知識外,AI Academy還尋求資深顧問的意見,包括來自香港大學和香港城市大學的教授以及麻省理工學院香港創新中心的執行主任。


AI Academy提供小組還是一對一的編碼課程?


AI Academy是否提供面對面的課程?

AI Academy所有的編碼課程都是在線進行的,因為我們相信好的學習可以在任何地方進行。彈性地安排課程也是我們公司的特別之處。




你可以通過發送電子郵件到henry@ai-academy.hk或致電+852 69593979與我們安排免費的課程諮詢,我們將考慮你孩子的背景和年齡以及預期的學習成果,以協助你更正確地選擇適合你孩子的課程。