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AI Reinventing The World

AI Academy provides ground-breaking innovations and personalized solutions to enhance Education, E-commerce and Finance

For Enterprise

Explore our solutions and services that are optimally balance in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness, while growing your business and expand their needs

For School

Learn from our instructors studying at top-tier universities with a true passion for technology and education. 


AI Academy provides advanced technology solutions and education for company and school. We create ideas, deliver solutions with insights for enterprises to strengthen their productivity. Students leave the program with confidence in pursuing artificial intelligence and computer science and knowledge of how to build chatbot, videogames, apps, and websites.

Technology Features

Artificial Intelligence


Cutting-Edge AI technology incubated exclusive self-developed software

Application Development

Designing systems and architectures to facilitate performance and cost-effectiveness


Explore how to connect your business with blockchain networks, we provide blockchain technology integration, and buildup new applications leveraging blockchain

Learning Management System

We provide a Big Data insights to help you drive contextual, personalized customer engagement in real time across any channel or line of business. 

Talent Development

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning fundamentals and python library Tensorflow to build machine learning application such as facial recognition, object detection.


Learning Python basics with the programatically generating graphic art, computer science fundamentals, and mathematical operatoers, lists and functions.

IB/AP/A-Level Computer Science

Learning through building a variety of complex projects while learning about objects, classes, scope, and inheritance. This course prepares students for IB/ AP/ A-Level exam.

Online Learning Platform

Allow students to start coding and machine learning project, store their projects and share the results with peer.

IOI Training Program

Students in our IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics) Training Program participate in the annual competition. (By invitation only)

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