Design it, Track it, Run it!

AI Academy works on a streamlined AI & software development process which delivers rapid, consistent, quality results. The process has evolved from continuous improvement from more than 50 worldwide projects.

One stop shop for Blockchain, 
Web and Mobile Application Development

AI Academy Limited is an AI & software development company with a special focus on start-up and top companies. We understand the stress and frustration that it takes to start a company, and take that burden off our customers problem list.

We offer competitive software development and maintenance services across the globe and around the clock. We have a team of experienced agile developers / designers who get the things done.

Artificial Intelligence & Software Development

Cutting-Edge AI technology incubated exclusive self-developed software to entitle your business getting benefits from digital power

Design & User 

Designing tailor-made systems and architectures to facilitate performance and boost cost-effectiveness

Block Chain

Explore how to connect your business with blockchain networks, we provide blockchain technology integration, and buildup new applications leveraging blockchain

Product Development 

Our product thinkers are made up of specialists in every area of the application development lifecycle which is compatible on a diversity of browsers, mobile and tablet devices.

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Work Portfolio

AI Academy provides advanced technology solutions and education for company and school. We create ideas, deliver solutions with insights for enterprises to strengthen their productivity. Students leave the program with confidence in pursuing artificial intelligence and computer science and knowledge of how to build chatbot, video games, apps, and websites. We carried out missions of innovating and stretching the potential of our future AI leaders.

Temperature Recognition

Dashboard Interface

AI Animal Recognition

AI Chatbot Interface

Game-changing ideas that will improve the overall online web experience. Our skilled developers can solve complex business logic. We achieve this by following a simple approach- Design It! Track It! Run It!





AI Academy Limited is an AI & Software development company with a special focus on Innovative solutions and digitization for company


Design, Development, Deployment

Streamlined workflow with specialists across different domains help you to create personalised solutions and drive better business outcomes



AI Academy provides caring afterwards support and expert technical support from our professional team

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Clients, Partners & Supporter



I can’t believe how far I have come in the last 6-month. I really didn’t think this awesome Ecommerce project moved so quickly. HUGE thanks to each of you all you put into Eshop development and the partner relationships, for creating the impressive and wonderful online store.


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